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Muscle Control

For Nearly 100 Years The Secrets Of Complete Muscle Control Were Buried, But Now These Forgotten Exercises Can Be YOURS! Read The Details Below...




My name is Espen. I've been into training for health, meditation and size for years. I'm no seller, neither have I ever made a site like this before. English isn't even my first language!

But, the information I discovered was too spectacular, I simply had to get this out to the masses, even though I may not write a perfect "sales letter" or make some grammatical errors here and there.

I just have to STOP you here and suggest that you bookmark this site, as it's a special offer I've created for you now, and you might not be able to find back to this page unless you bookmark it. The information you'll get to read is THAT good, I promise!

Done it? Good! OK, well, if you're anything like me, you've probably read tons and tons of information about training and fitness. It's really hard to find GOOD information that applies to YOU!

Maybe you're TIRED of being the scrawny guy, the one that always gets weird looks on the beach. Wouldn't you just LOVE to take off your shirt next year, and have all the women turn their heads and drool at the sight of your body? And your friends stare at you in awe, so jealous you can literally smell it?

Or, maybe you're the guy who's gotten stronger, but can't seem to get any more gains? Wouldn't it be nice to start training with a secret and unique way of training that only a select group have been using for the past 100 years, to ENSURE increase in strength? To have your friends from the weight lifting room ask you in shame, after a few weeks, what the heck you've been doing, since you've blasted past them in training?!

Or, perhaps you only train to get healthy? Perhaps you're scared of all the injuries associated with normal bodybuilding? Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a way of training that eliminates indigestion, keeps the muscles all over your body supple like a baby's muscles well into old age, helps you get back in touch with your own body, and doesn't stress your joints and ligaments like weight lifting can do? A way of training that helps you train no matter where you are, without ANY equipment!

Well, what if there was a way of training that gave you all three of the mentioned benefits? That made you get bigger, stronger AND healthier? And that could help you get there in actually LESS TIME than with ordinary weight lifting and bodybuilding? Wouldn't that be nice??

This is what I was thinking too, and so I kept up my tireless search for this elusive TREASURE of bodybuilding and strength, without really finding it. Until...


I Made An Amazing Discovery 


One day I stumbled across information about a strongman from the golden days of "Iron Men", called Maxick. As many of his peers of those days, he could do amazing feats of strength, feats that todays bodybuilders can only dream of. But, Maxick had one more amazing ability, surpassing all of his peers: He had FULL control over ALL the muscles of his body!

My first thought was that while this show of utter control was incredible, it was with all probability because Maxick was a freak of nature. Some people are born with the ability to do amazing things, but this doesn't mean that you and I can.

Or does it...?


I discovered that Maxick had actually colloborated with a man called Monte Saldo, and created a complete mail-order course on training that could teach ANYONE to gain total control over his muscles!

Of course, this old course was long out of print, since the first edition was originally published in 1911. The book didn't seem to be available anywhere! I had to dig for months and months without results...


Finally my work had paid off! I felt like Indiana Jones, entering an old tomb, uncovering a treasure so valuable it was kept buried for centuries. I beheld something only a select elite had seen in the past hundred years. I was staring at the fabled book I'd read so much about, the


HOLY GRAIL Of Bodybuilding


The book was ancient-looking, the pages were yellow and nearly unreadable, the pictures were blurred and scratched... It wasn't up to todays standards by any measure.

But, after reading through the book, I concluded that this information was just TOO valuable to let remain obscure and buried. I felt like I OWED it to Maxick to bring this book back to the masses!

I started on the gigantic task of turning this old manuscript into a book again.

Since a lot of the text was unreadable, I had to go through all of it and retype it so it would be readable again.

After I finished that, I started with the images. Man, many were very blurry and some were almost destroyed. But I did one and one image, and by using cutting-edge image enhancement filters, I managed to render all the images into crystal clear ones.

As you can imagine, this has not been a small task. I've been working on this for the past 3 months actually. But, after all that work, I'm proud to say: I just finished...

So TODAY, for the first time, you can get Maxicks revolutionairy training course in a totally revamped edition, with crystal clear pictures that will make learning the exercises a breeze! You could be reading this digital book within minutes of you ordering, and start working out with Maxicks UNIQUE exercises by tonight!


From SICKLY Child To WONDER Among Men!


As I began to dig into the history of Maxick, I was even MORE astonished! This man (with the real name of Mack SICK) was actually a sickly child in his childhood!

Since his doctors forebade him to exercise with weights, he simply HAD to come up with a way of training without weights. He knew that the only way he could become healthy was through training, and so Muscle Control was born...

After perfecting Muscle Control to make it the ultimate way of training, Maxick travelled to England, where he made quite a buzz in the bodybuilding community. Never had the world seen such total control. Former World's Weightlifting Champion Edward Aston said the audience were "flabbergasted" by his performance.




Edward Aston - Former World Weightlifting Champion


"We had never seen anything like his musclular posing that followed his lifting. It was something new, sensational! He showed the people of this country how to control every muscle group in the body. How to isolate one group from another; to depress the muscles and expand them; how to perform the abdominal isolation, first one side, then the other - things we had never seen before"

Edward Aston - Former World Weightlifting Champion


Eugene Sandow



"This man has reached absolute perfection in physical development, and in my opinion he could not be improved upon"





Eugene Sandow



Tell Me, Can YOU Do This?


I did some thorough digging, and I discovered that Maxick had performed many EXTRAORDINARY feats in his day! Among these were:


At a weight of usually under 140 lbs, Maxick invited a heavy man, once a man weighing as much as 240 lbs, from the audience up to the stage. He then pressed his right palm against the man's lower back, had the man grip his left arm and pushed him overhead using only ONE arm! He then walked off the stage holding the man overhead!


As a man from Tyrol, Maxick was an expert at the national sport finger-pulling. He had no equals! He sometimes pulled men over 200 lbs clean over the table with only his middle finger!


Maxick had a amazing trick he would perfom to astonished onlookers. He would grab an empty champagne bottle, fill it 3/4 full of water, hold it tightly by the neck with his left hand, and, using his right palm, tap the open end of the bottle. Maxick always succeeded, the bottom always came exploding out of the bottle, except those odd times when the entire bottle literally exploded into a thousand pieces instead...

At under 150 lbs Maxick side-pressed a man of 185 lbs 16 times overhead while holding a brimfull jug of beer in his other hand, without spilling a single drop!


As a testiment to his AMAZING abdominal control and strength, Maxick laid flat on his back, and had a 200 lbs man jump from 7 feet above and straight onto his abdomen. The man literally bounced off! It was commented by the jumpers that it was "as if jumping on to solid rubber!".


There are rumours that through Muscle Control, Maxick gained such a complete control over his body through total relaxation, that he was able to, much like Indian yogis, control his heartbeat...!


Eliminate Indigestion And Attain ENLIGHTENMENT...?


Maxicks ability to take TOTAL control over and isolate his abs is probably the one thing that made him legendary. Before Maxick this was an exercise shrouded in mystery! This exercise was taught by Indian yogis for centuries, but it's extremely hard to find anyone in the West who teaches it.Abdominal Isolation

In Yoga this kind of control is called "nauli". The "Pradipika"; the most authorative text on Hatha Yoga, states: "Nauli is foremost of the hatha yoga practices. It kindles the digestive fire, removing indigestion, sluggish digestion, and all disorders of the doshas, and brings about happiness".

It's been said that nauli is one of the fastest ways to gain spiritual advancement, and even enlightenment! 

On a more physical level, abdominal isolation like Maxick teaches will forge a midsection of steel! The definition and strength of the abs of a person doing these exercises will impress everybody.

And these exercises are greatly detailed in Maxicks course, so ANYONE can learn them!


What You WILL Learn From This Remarkable Course


Learn the rarely taught trick of using the mind to guarantee massive gains in strength and size! And it actually takes LESS training than normal! (page 14)


Revealed: The amazing technique that helps athletes THUNDER through training plateaus, and MAXIMIZE results while training a certain muscle! Never worry about getting stuck in training again! (page 15)


How weight lifting can tighten up the muscles and hinder development, and how Maxicks techniques helps loosen up this muscle-binding. (page 17)


Learn to maximize results in all forms of physical endeavour (page 26)


Discover how you can use an ordinary MIRROR to maximize results in your training! And the times it's BAD to use one! (page 27)


The two extremely important exercises that will ensure maximum control of all the muscles in the body! (pages 29 and 31)


Discover the one exercise that can help rapidly increase chest size (page 35)


The extraordinary secret ensuring INCREDIBLE shoulder power and suppleness, resulting in superiority in all sports and physical endeavours! (page 44)


Finally! Discover the easy to learn technique to make the pecs dance! (page 46)


The incredible, really hard to find secret of abdominal isolation (sold elsewhere alone for $139!). This special technique eliminates digestion problems, improves metabolism and reduces stress! GUARANTEED! (page 53)


At last: The exceptional exercise that enables ANYONE to look much bigger! Learn why shoulder control is ESSENTIAL in training the lats. (page 62)


Learn the number one exercise all golfers or martial artists should learn to gain complete control over their shoulders! (page 66)


Discover the most effective measure anyone can have against rheumatism! (page 70)


Learn why people aren't using their full lung potential, and what can be done to correct this! (page 73)


Find out how the often overlooked muscles that fill out the ribs can be easily trained. This will give you that much more defined look you desire! (page 74)


Discover the secret that virtually no one knows about, that can drastically increase weight lifting capacity instantly! (page 80)


All men want to have HUGE upper arms, and by learning Maxicks incredibly easy method of isolating the triceps, the dream could come true TODAY! (page 82)


Master the position that will guarantee a full and powerful contraction of the biceps without much effort, and how this can help make the forearm and the biceps meet! (page 83)


The legs are the most overlooked part of any bodybuilder. Understand this extremely potent way of training the legs for maximum size and definition! (pages 87-91)


100% Bulletproof Guarantee


To help the most people discover that Maxicks course is the most advanced training course they will EVER find, I am offering you a guarantee.

You can buy this product today, start using it tonight, and use it for 8 weeks! If, for some reason or another, you aren't fully satisfied with this product after using it for that time, you can just contact me, and I'll issue you a refund, no questions asked!

So because of this guarantee, I've removed all risks on your part. I am so certain that you will, as thousands of people did back in the beginning of the 1900s, gain so much from this program, that I don't think too many people will be asking for a refund!

As I said, there you have my guarantee. Should you want to return the product before 8 weeks have passed, you'll hear ZERO questions from me. Only your money back. Sounds fair?


"Why Should I?"


So there you have it. This could possibly be the most REVOLUTIONARY training program of all times, forgotten by most people... Until I got my hands on it and turned it into this revised edition!

So, how can I get YOU to understand how totally different and potent this way of training is? How YOU can benefit from this in all aspects of your life?

I COULD say: "Make Maxick proud and revive the golden age of "Iron Men" from your livingroom! Gain the superior control that many of todays so-called "bodybuilders" can only dream of!"

But somehow I know that that's not going to convince all the people who's reading this. Maybe you're convinced, but what about all those other guys, the guys that feel like they need more convincing?

Well, I only have one thing to say to them...

This course may not be for you, if you're not already convinced. I've outlined what YOU will gain from this course, how you can go from the scrawny, weak and sickly guy, to the massive guy with superworldly strength who is always healthy. The one all the girls adores at the beach.

But some people are afraid to take that leap and change, even when the opportunity is right there. So if you're not convinced yet, I don't really think this course is for you. This course is for DOers, people who know who they want to be and take action.

So if you aren't convinced, I say you probably shouldn't bother to read the text below. There's probably a programme on the TV now, so go get yourself a beer and relax in your couch, let your life remain unchanged.

But if you are a DOer, if you see this as an opportunity to finally get the change you've wanted in your life, then I applaud you. You're the kind of guy Maxick created this course for. Read about what kind of deal I've got for you below. I congratulate you on making this important decision for yourself!


The Deal


Now for the tricky part on my side... What price should I set on the complete course? On one hand, I want a lot of people to be able to afford this, as I know it will change so many lives.

On the other hand, I have a lot of expenses with running this site, and this course is, according to many people I've talked with, worth a small fortune. They thought I was crazy when I mentioned the price I was thinking of selling it at...

$60 - "It's WAY to low!" they told me, I should not sell so potent information, information that is so revolutionary and has been lost for so many years, for so little money they said. "You can probably make three times as much on this book, easily!". Well, I had made up my mind, and once I make up my mind I'm usually hard to turn around... So the price stayed at $60.

However, since I started screening who I allow to access this page just a week ago, and I want to celebrate this fact, I decided to slash the price. I went totally bananas and actually slashed it to $49.95! So, what's with the 5 cents from $50? Well, let's just say I felt like I should slash MORE than $10, and now I did...

Since you have been selected to access this special offer page (if you weren't you really shouldn't be here...), I'm offering YOU this offer as well!

For a very limited time, the price of the COMPLETE course is $49.95. This WILL change though! I'm planning on increasing the price back to normal very soon. My costs with hosting this site etc. are getting bigger, so I'll just have to raise the price to make it profitable. And, remember, this is a UNIQUE course, practiced only by a select elite for nearly 100 years! So it's not like it isn't worth $60, heck, according to most people, it's worth more like $190!

This is where you'd expect me to throw in a ton of bonuses, just like all the other marketers, right? Well, I already told you, I'm not a marketer, this is my first site. I don't really feel like throwing in a bunch of stuff I got for free somewhere else, that is hardly worth your time, just to secure a higher price. That's what most marketers do, and I understand why most people go for it. There are so many bonuses and they all look good... Until you get them that is!

If I could find a bonus that I felt was worthy of packaging together with Maxicks Muscle Control, I would... But, I didn't really find anything good, and you don't really NEED anything other than Muscle Control. It's a complete course, from A to Z, and I won't insult you by throwing in some lame bonus that will only disappoint you and feel like you've been cheated!

EDIT 29th of December 2010: Look guys, this is no marketing bullshit... You can check the date with Internet archives to verify. I understand that for a lot of people out there, even $49.95 seems like price you can't afford, and I can understand that. If you can't afford it, you can't, even though you might yearn to change your life for the better. Well, after thinking about this for a while, I've decided to cut the price, and put an offer up for this entire package for only $27! I'm not sure how long I can keep the price at this level though, as I was originally planning to increase the price, so we'll have to test it and see if it can cover my costs. I suggest getting it while the price is at this all time low!

So if you want in on the $49.95 $27 deal on the most complete and advanced bodybuilding and workout system ever created, I suggest you order very soon, as the price will change any day!

One click on the button below is all it takes, and within minutes you'll get this digitized course delivered, and be on the way from WIMP to SUPERMAN!



Espen Samuelsen

P.S. I've just checked, and the price might go up on , if the technician is available, so I would order it before then if you're planning on getting it!